Into the composition of jadeite enters more than 60 elements of the Mendeleev`s table in proportions that allow to influence positively on the most of our organs. These properties intensify when the stones are heated. The temperature irritation is the powerful factor of influence on physiological processes of both organism in whole and its separate organs and systems.

strengthens nervous system;
normalizes arterial blood pressure;
softens blood vessels;
improves structure of blood;
strengthens man's potentiality;
treats kidney and urinary tracts diseases.

The combination of the high index of heat absorption with the best coefficients of heat conductivity, solidity and a specific heat provides the highest heating capacity for a long time. It helps to preserve the effect of "tender steam" for a very long time.

More information about jadeite:

Health-improvement effect

Doctor's opinion

From year to year the modern science and medicine tend to idea, that achievements of ancient scientists and physicians were ignored in vain. Times change and I am glad, that we can use these methods checked up in millenia in combination with the achievements of modern medicine as, for example, we successfully do in medical centre Goltsman Therapy. Jadeite possesses medical properties thanks to the extremely balanced chemical compound and unique physical properties. I do recommend jadeite bath!
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